Posted: June 26, 2019 Contributor: administrator


Jennifer Diaz is a 20-year-old woman who moved back in with her parents after her partner abandoned her with their child. Jennifer told Red Segura that she hadn’t used family planning before because she was afraid of the way she would be perceived by health center staff as a young person seeking family planning. Jennifer also mentioned that her fear came from all the negative information she’d heard about family planning. Jennifer’s fears were alleviated when she participated in an educational talk with a Red Segura health worker in Almirante, where she was able to get her questions answered. She decided to visit the Red Segura clinic and was able to receive quality services from a caring team, who provided the method of her choice. “Now I can continue my studies and become a teacher, which is what I want most,” she said with a hopeful look on her face. She noted that family planning is like “creating a life plan for the future.”