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Oral Contraception

Emergency Contraception

Female Sexual Desire

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Oral Contraception

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PRJKT RUBY makes low-cost birth control available to women in the U.S. through a convenient online platform. We're revolutionizing the way women get oral contraception. It's simple, safe, private, and a meaningful way to help women worldwide.

For each month of oral contraceptives purchased through PRJKT RUBY a donation of 25 cents will be made to support access to contraception for women.

In the developing world this is accomplished via Population Services International (PSI), a tax-exempt, nonprofit global health organization. Methods of contraception may include oral contraceptives, injectables, implants, IUD’s or emergency contraceptives. For more information, please visit
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TAKE1GIVE1 pledges support for current and future generations of women. We believe investing in women yields long-term social and economic returns for all – it’s an investment we can’t afford to overlook.

This 501(c)(3) nonprofit gives those not in the market for birth control the opportunity to make a difference by donating to the cause.

100% of all donations to Take1Give1, Inc. in support of the TakeCare GiveCare Initiative will be transferred to Population Services International (PSI), a non-profit global health organization committed to improving health in the developing world. PSI is classified as tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (as amended). To learn more, please visit
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Oral Contraception

Emergency Contraception

Female Sexual Desire


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