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Meet with your physician online! PRJKT RUBY is now offering physician video consultations in limited areas (currently only available in Alabama, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas & Virginia). It’s quick; it’s easy, and takes just five minutes to see a physician.

How does the video consultation process work?

Step 1. Select Your Medication:
Choose from our list of Oral Contraceptives and Emergency Contraceptives. If you don’t know which one is best for you – no problem – select "I Don’t Know" and our physician will select the correct product for you.
Step 2. Login/Register:
Setup an account by providing your name, email, and password.
Step 3. Medical Assessment:
Answer a few medical questions, which our physician will review with you during your video consultation.
Step 4. Checkout:
Provide billing, shipping, and payment information.
Step 5. Video Consultation:
To finalize your order, you will have a brief online visit with one of our physicians. Schedule this online visit when it’s most convenient for you. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. Your prescription will be sent electronically to our pharmacy for fulfillment and will be delivered to you right away.

How does the Re-order process work?

Reorders are easier than ever.
Step 1. Login to your PRJKT RUBY account using your email and password.
Step 2. Verify your billing address, shipping address, and payment information.
Step 3. Confirm the medication you are reordering.
Step 4. Your order will be processed immediately and shipped right away.

No video consultation is required for refills.

Download the mobile app here for your mobile device. You do not need to create an account - just download the appropriate app and we will automatically log you in during the ordering process.
Click here for the iPhone app
Click here for the Android app
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Desktop users, no download required, click here to check your system for compatibility. (Page will open in a new window - Safari browser not supported yet)
• If you see a blank page, your system may not be compatible with our technology.

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