Globally, more than 220 million women who want to use contraception can’t.  At PRJKT RUBY, we want to help change that. Today in developing regions, more than half of all reproductive-age women want to avoid a pregnancy. Unfortunately only one in every four of them is currently using effective contraceptives.  (Guttmacher Institute, 2014).

PRJKT RUBY is partnering with a global health organization, to bring affordable contraceptives to women worldwide. The TakeCare GiveCare movement will initially be dedicated to empowering women in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

For each month of oral contraceptives purchased through PRJKT RUBY a donation of 25 cents will be made to support access to contraception for women in the developing world via Population Services International (PSI), a tax-exempt, nonprofit global health organization. Methods of contraception may include oral contraceptives, injectables, implants, IUD’s or emergency contraceptives. For more information, please visit and

Birth Control On A Mission