Refer a Friend – make some $$$

STEP 1: Get Your Personalized Referral Link
When you log into your “MY ACCOUNT” section and select the “Refer a Friend” tab you will be taken to a page that displays your unique Referral Link.  This link is unique, and allows us to track your referrals, but won’t reveal any information  about you or your account. You can always find this link in your  MY ACCOUNT area in the future.

Referral Link Example: (this is just an example, your personal link is located in your MY ACCOUNT section)

STEP 2: Pass It Around!
Give your personalized referral link to your friends. We recommend you copy and paste it into an email, to be sure you enter all of the characters correctly.

STEP 3. Collect Your Credits
The first time a customer uses your referral link to complete their order, they will receive a 10% discount, and you will receive 10% of their purchase amount as a credit on your account. These credits can be used toward any PRJKT RUBY purchase and never expire.

STEP 4. Use Your Credit Balance
When you place an order with PRJKT RUBY, your Credit Balance (if any) will be displayed at the payment step. At that point, you will have the option to apply your credit to the purchase as payment, by clicking on “Apply My Credit to this Purchase.” If your Credit Balance is greater than or equal to the amount due, then the entire order will be paid for, and any surplus credit will remain on your account as credit. If your Credit Balance is less than the amount due, then your entire Credit Balance will be applied as partial payment, and the remaining balance due can be paid with normal payment options.

Some Details to Keep In Mind

  1. If you use SPAM in any way, shape, or form, your Referral Account will be terminated and you will not be able to receive or utilize any credit for referrals, including any existing balance already credited.
  2. Credits will be earned on all orders that are successfully fulfilled using your Personalized Referral Link