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What Does the Color of Your Period Blood Mean?

Your period blood can range from pink to rust-colored, but what does each color mean? Each period is unique and different for each woman and your coloring may not be the same as your friend or sister. Here is how...

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Does Your Period Actually Sync Up With Your Friends?

“We totally synced up,” my friend said to me when I asked to borrow a tampon a few weeks ago. Almost every woman can tell you a story about how her period synced up with her roommate, coworker, sister, or friend....

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Four Ways Your Period Can Affect Your Sleep

As if the cramps, cravings, and mood swings weren’t enough, your period can also affect the quality of your sleep. Not cool period. The National Sleep Foundation reported that 33 percent of women experience disrupted sleep the week of their...

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Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS): What You Need to Know

From time to time, we hear horror stories about women leaving tampons in for too long, contracting toxic shock syndrome (TSS), and getting severely ill or dying. And, just like hearing a story about a plane crash, the likelihood of...

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