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What Does the Color of Your Period Blood Mean?

Your period blood can range from pink to rust-colored, but what does each color mean? Each period is unique and different for each woman and your coloring may not be the same as your friend or sister. Here is how...

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5 Free Apps to Make Tracking Your Period Easy + Fun

Guestimating doesn’t cut it. With today’s technology, you shouldn’t have to throw a dart at the calendar to know when you need to stock up on dark chocolate and tampons. These 5 apps are fun and easy, just like your...

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10 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being On Your Period

One ticket for the emotional rollercoaster, please. Thanks! 1. Getting your period in public when you forgot to pack tampons. 2. Being tired for absolutely no reason. 3. Dishing out another $10 at the pharmacy for tampons.

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