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Affordable Birth Control With or Without Insurance

We are now taking a break from our regularly scheduled, rather light-hearted blog posts to talk about something serious—something that is currently affecting the lives of millions of women across the United States. On Friday, October 6th, the Trump Administration...

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10 Reasons Why Real Women Use Birth Control

1. To not get pregnant, duh. Some women don’t want to have children right now and some don’t want to have children at all; both are perfectly good reasons to take birth control. 2. To clear up skin Wow, your...

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5 Free Apps to Make Tracking Your Period Easy + Fun

Guestimating doesn’t cut it. With today’s technology, you shouldn’t have to throw a dart at the calendar to know when you need to stock up on dark chocolate and tampons. These 5 apps are fun and easy, just like your...

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10 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up Being On Your Period

One ticket for the emotional rollercoaster, please. Thanks! 1. Getting your period in public when you forgot to pack tampons. 2. Being tired for absolutely no reason. 3. Dishing out another $10 at the pharmacy for tampons.

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