How Much is Birth Control?

One of the most commonly asked questions is ‘how much is birth control?’ The answer to this will vary greatly depending on what type you choose and whether you have insurance or not. On average, most women can plan on paying anywhere from $0 – $50. When it comes to paying for birth control, there are many options for lower income women that will make paying for the pill far more feasible. In some cases, a woman may not even have to pay anything. Most insurance plans offer great discounts for birth control and for those who don’t have insurance, there are many lower-cost options to choose from. If you look at it logically, how much is birth control? Much less expensive than paying for a child. If you aren’t ready to start a family, the birth control pill can give you the peace of mind needed. In fact, the combination pill is up to 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy when taken as directed.

Can You Get Pregnant if You Miss One Pill?

There are several scenarios that can lessen the efficacy of your birth control pills, probably the most common is forgetting to take a pill. So can you get pregnant if you miss one pill? Typically skipping pills is the most common way for a woman to become pregnant. You should set a schedule for yourself to take the pill at the same time each and every day so that you never forget a dose.

There are several apps you can download for your smartphone that will provide you with a pill reminder, or you can simply set your phone’s alarm for a particular time each day. Another way to avoid missing a dose is to keep your pills on you at all time. This can be easily achieved by stashing them in your purse. Now, no matter what life throws out you, you will still be able to take your scheduled dose.

Can You Smoke on Birth Control?

You’ve probably heard that smoking and birth control don’t jive together but if you are still wondering can you smoke on birth control, the answer is no, you really shouldn’t. Smoking while on hormonal contraception puts you at an elevated risk for health issues including stroke, blood clots and heart attack. If you are not thinking of giving up on smoking anytime soon and would like to find a form of birth control, speak to your doctor about other non-hormonal pregnancy prevention options.

Are Birth Control Pills Safe?

This leads in to the next concern for many women – are birth control pills safe? All medications come with a potential list of side effects. With this in mind, most women have little difficulty taking hormonal contraception. There are two main types – combination pills and the “mini pill.” Combination pills contain estrogen and progestin while the “mini pill” contains only progestin. If a woman has a sensitivity to estrogen, has certain medical conditions or is breast feeding, the “mini pill” may be the recommended type by doctors and pharmacists.