Buying Birth Control Pills Online

Buying birth control pills online has now simplified the lives of many women across the country! No longer are we forced to run back and forth to the pharmacy each month, we can have 3 months of medication delivered directly to us! So how does birth control online work? It’s essentially the same way you are getting birth control now…only it ships straight to you.

Still unsure whether you want to start buying birth control online?

Here are 4 great reasons:

1. You no longer have to go to the doctor’s office or pharmacy to safely get your birth control pills.

2. You don’t have to ask uncomfortable or embarrassing questions to your doctor face-to-face.

3. You can have your medication delivered discretely to you – no need for your neighbors to overhear your personal information at the local pharmacy any more.

4. You can get 3 months of medication at a time!

Buying Birth Control Online

Buying birth control online used to entail buying condoms or other over-the-counter methods like spermicide. But now you can legally buy birth control pills online, you just need to make sure you are purchasing them from the right website. Many companies claim to offer your name brand or generic birth control but at a very small fraction of the cost. If they are not licensed like your local brick and mortar pharmacy is, you have no assurance that what you are getting is the real thing. Additionally, birth control pills aren’t available over-the-counter because a physician must be the one to determine if you are a good candidate or not for the oral contraceptives of your choosing in order to protect your health.

Your first clue that buying birth control pills online from a certain pharmacy isn’t safe is that they do not use a prescription to get your medication. Don’t be confused however, if a site has a licensed physician that will write you a prescription following an assessment of your health history, this is different. A virtual prescription is still a legal prescription when filled by an authorized pharmacy, however, not using a prescription at all and simply mailing you birth control online is not safe or legal.

Where Can I Buy Birth Control Pills Online

So are you thinking, ‘where can I buy birth control pills online then?’ Well, like anything else you will simply want to do your research. It’s always helpful to get a recommendation from a friend or to call the company you are thinking of buying birth control pills online from. Ask them about the physicians on staff, the authenticity of the medication, an address where they are located and even for patient testimonials if available. Buying birth control pills online can be safe and easy, just make sure you find an authentic licensed pharmacy.