Zika Virus: Sexual Transmission is More Common Than Previously Thought

Zika Virus: Sexual Transmission is More Common Than Previously Thought

When scientists first discovered that the mosquito-borne virus Zika could be passed through sexual transmission, the news was first met with some confusion and even denial. After a confirmed incident in Texas, however, the FDA stated that the virus now had another path to infection.

So how worried should we be about this?

Well, new studies have shown that spreading Zika sexually is more common than originally believed.

We are seeing these as more and more states continue to report the very first cases of Zika in their areas. Now, documentation is adding up and showing that those who haven’t traveled to Zika infected areas are becoming infected by having sexual intercourse with those who have.

The virus is of particular worry to women who are pregnant or plan on soon becoming pregnant. That’s because one of the most noted complications associated with the virus is microcephaly in babies. This is marked by a smaller than average head and impaired brain development. Currently there is no cure or vaccination for prevention.

Another tricky aspect of the Zika virus is the majority of those infected actually show no signs or symptoms. The only way that it can be confirmed is through laboratory testing through blood or urine and saliva.

Additionally, Zika has been associated with the autoimmune disease Guillain-Barre syndrome. It seems the more we learn about the virus, the grimmer it looks.

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