Zika Virus Case Discovered in Utah

Zika Virus Case Discovered in Utah

The Zika virus has made its way to Utah – the very first case to hit the state was recently confirmed.

While not all details are known, the patient is a child between 2 and 10 years of age. The child had recently visited an affected country before returning to Utah, were he/she is a current resident.

While not all those infected with the Zika virus have symptoms, this child exhibited a rash but no further complications from the virus that we know of.

Cases like this one are not completely unexpected.

The more we learn about Zika, the more we know about its transmission and many U.S. residents still continue to travel to impacted areas, despite the risk. In the coming weeks it seems certain that we will hear of more states coming forward with confirmed cases. In fact, Chicago, Illinois has already confirmed several recognized cases as well.

With each case, we have the opportunity to learn.

In Texas, for example, the first confirmed case lead the CDC to realize that Zika can be passed from partner to partner during male – female intercourse.

In an attempt to slow down the rapid spread of the virus, the Utah Department of Health is urging those who are traveling to impacted countries to take all the precautions they can to avoid being bitten by misquotes, the known carrier of the virus. Currently we have no cure or vaccine to protect us, something that has expectant mothers worried worldwide.

That’s because the most common medical complication associated with the Zika virus is microcephaly. This occurs when babies are born with an unusually small head. It’s now understood that Zika increases the odds of having a baby born with this condition. Brain damage and other issues are associated with microcephaly, a condition which is not curable or reversible.


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