Zika Continues To Spread in Argentina

Zika Continues To Spread in Argentina

The increase of babies born with microcephaly in Brazil has caught the world’s attention and left us all fearing the tiniest of species – the mosquito. To clarify, it’s not just any kind of mosquito that caries the Zika virus but the Aedes aegypti variety.We certainly do have reason to fear it.

The Zika virus has been causing birth defects, mainly microcephaly which causes babies to be born with smaller than average heads and brains.

Recently, Pope Francis spoke publicly and shocked many when he declared that using birth control to prevent pregnancy is “not an absolute evil.” This is a stark contrast from the normal opinion of the Catholic Church, proving that the Zika virus is shaking things up perhaps more than we even thought.

The Pope did differentiate between birth control and abortion however, making it clear that the Church does not agree with abortion on any level.

It stands to reason that birth control is needed now more than ever in Zika-affected areas. In fact, officials in many of these countries are even asking women to abstain from becoming pregnant for up to two years.

When we first began learning about Zika, it appeared that unless you were in an area with known infections and were bitten by an infected mosquito, you were safe. That all changed when a case in Texas lead the CDC to announce that Zika can be spread from person to person during sexual intercourse. It’s now recommended that women do not have sex with their partner if he is coming back from any impacted areas, even if he appears healthy. If sexually activity does occur, a condom should be used.

The majority of those infected actually never show any signs of being sick at all.

Women who are currently pregnant are being advised to use condoms with their partner if he has been anywhere that the virus is being seen as well.

Birth Control On A Mission