Dengue Vaccine Reveals Hope for Potential Zika Vaccine

Dengue Vaccine Reveals Hope for Potential Zika Vaccine

As the Zika virus continues to rage on, scientists and health care professionals are digging even deeper for not just a cure, but for a preventative vaccine as well. It appears there might be a breakthrough in the form of the new Dengue vaccine.

It has been established early on that the Dengue and Zika viruses are closely related. In fact, many believe that perhaps many early cases thought to be Dengue were actually Zika. Recently, 100% of the volunteer participants of a study of the new Dengue vaccine were completely protected. Now, the hope is that because the viruses are so closely related, perhaps this will pave the way for creating a similar vaccine for Zika.

This recent test was a bit unusual as the volunteers were infected with a weaker version of the virus but luckily, it worked! Of those who received the placebo, 20 became infected. The typical signs of Dengue include a rash.

The Dengue virus is pretty complex by comparison. There are actually 4 strains so a vaccine must work for all 4. This is why until now an effective vaccine has evaded researchers.

Now it appears they have found it.

If all continues to go well, a similar vaccine is expected to go to trial for preventing the Zika virus. In fact, since Dengue and Zika are essentially cousins, it could be added to the four strain Dengue vaccine to prevent both. This makes sense when you consider the virus is spread by the very same mosquitoes.

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