tarina-packageLarin® FE 1/20

Ruby Learn More ButtonThe decision to start taking a hormonal birth control is the easy part…separating birth control facts from fiction and deciding on the right type is the challenging part. When taken correctly, oral contraceptives are 99.9% effective. This is one reason that so many women have come to rely on Larin® FE 1/20 and other similar combination pills. A combination pill is what is commonly being described when you hear someone mention “the pill.” This means that there are two active hormones involved in creating changes in the body. There is typically a progestin and an estrogen. In Larin® FE 1/20, the progestin is norethindrone and the estrogen is ethinyl estradiol. These work together to create changes in the body that make pregnancy less likely.

One change is that the release of an egg (known as ovulation) is prevented. Without an egg present, there is no way for fertilization to occur. If an egg is released however, there are other safeguards put in to effect. For example, the vaginal fluid will thicken so that it is harder for sperm to travel toward the uterus. Another change is that the uterine lining also thickens so that implantation is less likely to occur.

Oral Birth Control

Oral birth control has been around for years but only recently have the birth control side effects been reduced. That’s because now, lower doses of hormone are used in medication and as a result, there are fewer unwanted side effects.

Estradiol Norethindrone

There are many different types of birth control to choose from but your pharmacist or physician can help steer you toward the one that is best for your particular body type and will meet your needs sufficiently.

In addition to preventing against unplanned pregnancy, women taking different types of birth control containing the two hormones are more likely to experience shorter, lighter periods with less bleeding and pain. The “FE” part of the pill name indicates that there is a small amount of iron in the placeholder pills. Iron replacement is beneficial during mensuration since some is lost in during bleeding. Most women have little to no problem taking oral birth control but there are some conditions that might increase the potential for unsafe side effects when taking this medication. For instance, if you are a women who smokes cigarettes (especially 35 or older), you are at an increased risk of cardiovascular side effects.

Different Types of Birth Control

Because there are many different preferences when it comes to taking medication, there are many different types of birth control. Some are barrier methods (most commonly female and male condoms or a diaphragm) and others are hormonal daily contraceptives like Larin® FE 1/20. The most important thing to remember when using the many different types of birth control is that consistency is very important for efficacy.