Junel® FE 1/20

tarina-packageRuby Learn More ButtonIn today’s society, women now have a choice whether they want to become pregnant or not. In the past, there were several methods for preventing pregnancy that often failed. Today, birth control pills like Junel® FE 1/20 offer a more reliable contraceptive option. Estradiol/noretindrone acetate are the two synthetic hormones contained within this medication. Because this contraceptive method is hormonal in nature, it works with the body to prevent pregnancy in a number of ways. The estrogen in the medication stops the pituitary gland from producing the hormones (FSH and LH) responsible for ovulation or the releasing of the egg. When these hormones are suppressed and no egg is released, there is no chance of pregnancy occurring. Additionally the synthetic estrogen prevents breakthrough bleeding by supporting the uterine wall.

Estrogen Pills

The majority of birth control pills contain both an estrogen and a progesterone but for those women who are sensitive to estrogen pills, there are also progesterone-only pills. Junel® FE 1/20 however does contain estrogen. For most women, birth control side effects are hardly noticeable. Typically there are little to no uncomfortable reactions. For those who cannot handle estrogen however, the side effects will be much more severe and a doctor may warn against continuing to take them. Estradiol/norethindrone acetate is one of the most common mixes in combination birth control pills. Many people are often tempted by the idea of cheaper generics. Be sure to ask your doctor about getting loestrin® FE 1/20 generic when you see your physician. If there is a generic available, the doctor can write the prescription for such.

Where to get Birth Control Pills

One of the biggest questions most women have is where to get birth control pills. There is really no one answer for this. Commonly a woman’s OB/GYN will prescribe hormonal contraceptives but others may rely on their family physician. With advancing technology, there are other ways to now receive prescription birth control pills without stepping foot in a doctor’s office or pharmacy. While there are many sites advertising birth control pills without a prescription, be aware that this is illegal. However, sites which offer an online consultation with a doctor and also a prescription are legit and can be a great alternative to the hassle of seeing your doctor. If you are unsure where to get birth control pills in your area, a brief online search can help you find online doctors or doctors located nearby.

Junel® FE 1/20 Generic

Junel® FE 1/20 generic is essentially the same medication as the name brand but is sold at a lower cost. Not all prescription medications have comparable generics but your doctor or pharmacist can help you find the best for you. In addition to preventing pregnancy, women who are taking the pill are also less likely to experience ovarian cysts and may even have a reduced risk of certain kinds of cancers. Additionally, most women also report having shorter, more regular periods with less bleeding and less pain.