Heather® Birth Control

lyza-1Ruby Learn More ButtonHormonal birth control use has continued to grow each year since its emergence in the 1960s. While there were many unwanted side effects of the pill back then, low hormone birth control has now replaced the higher levels of the past. Originally, higher levels were the only option and as a result many women were unsatisfied with how the pill impacted their physical and mental health. Low hormone birth control like Heather® has significantly fewer side effects because it not only contains lower dose hormones but also only contains progestin, no estrogen. This has earned this type of birth control the name “mini pill.”

Essentially the mini pill is still used for pregnancy prevention however it works in a different way. Unlike combination pills, which prevent ovulation from occurring in nearly all women taking the pill, Heather® birth control only stops ovulation in about half those taking it. There are however two ways that it does help prevent pregnancy. The progestin helps to make the vaginal mucus thicker than normal. By doing this, it prevents sperm from being able to travel as easily to an egg. Additionally, the cervix wall also becomes thicker which makes it hard for a fertilized egg to attach to the wall and continue to grow.

Heather® Mini Pill

While you may not have heard of the Heather® mini pill, you have probably heard of progestin-only birth control. This is just one of many types of birth control brands that offers a form of the mini pill. You may wonder why some women would choose to use the mini pill over the more effective combination pill. The simplest answer is that it’s largely used by women who either have a sensitivity to estrogen or those who are new mothers. For those who are still nursing a baby full-time, have not had their period yet and are within six months of having given birth, Heather® birth control is nearly 100% effective. For those who are not nursing full-time or have had their periods, the effectiveness does decrease.

Types of Birth Control

All types of birth control methods that contain hormones require a physician’s prescription. There are others, like barrier methods and condoms, which can be purchased over-the-counter and may also be used in addition to the Heather® mini pill. While hormonal birth control pills do work to prevent pregnancy, they do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or infections. For this reason, health professionals advise using barrier methods in addition to the pill in cases where sexual history has not been discussed or intercourse is occurring with more than one person.

Over the Counter Birth Control

Many women across the country are hoping that one day over the counter birth control will be a reality. For now however, a prescription is needed. For this reason, you should never share your Heather® mini pill prescription with anyone who has not been prescribed it. While most types of birth control are very safe, there are certain women who should not take oral contraceptives due to their current health or history of illness.