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Celebrating Friendships

It’s no secret that there are a profound amount of challenges happening worldwide on any given day. However, despite all of the negativity, friendship prevails. The most beautiful thing about friendship is that there are no borders or divides, it’s understood and celebrate no matter what language you speak, or continent you’re from. It opens the doors for genuine conversations and understanding, and forms connections with unlikely people. Friendship is common ground, a camaraderie that brings people together, and it’s time we celebrate it!

International Day of Friendship

With the International Day of Friendship happening on July 30th, we’re offering some tips on how you can get out there and find genuine connections:

– Travel: Anywhere and everywhere. The best way to make genuine connections is to break out of your comfort zone and become vulnerable. By taking a break from everyday life to explore the amazing places around the world, you’re becoming vulnerable to the unknown, and crossing paths with people from around the world.
– Sign up: If you’re looking to meet people, look for hobbies that interest or challenge you, and sign up for classes or leagues in your area. That way you have an underlying thing in common with each person, which could serve a solid foundation for friendship.
– TakeCare, GiveCare: Actions speak louder than words, and there are infinite ways to show someone you care – even if you’ve never met them! In fact, when you place your order with PRJKT RUBY, you’re helping women in developing countries gain access to birth control and other fundamental family planning methods, as 25 cents of each order goes toward helping women globally. Join the movement and place your order today.

While the International Day of Friendship is a great reminder, it’s important to celebrate yourself the ones you love year-round! Just as importantly, always remain open to new friendships and authentic connections.


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