When in Doubt, Ask for Angela

January 24, 2018


Online dating has become a conventional part of society in the last few years. Unfortunately, meeting up with your potential match can be awkward, intimidating, and sometimes even scary. Though many dates go off without a hitch, women can feel unsafe and trapped in uncomfortable situations, even while in a public place. In light of this issue, local businesses have joined in on a global campaign known as “Ask For Angela”, a way to help young women who are on an uncomfortable date ask for help discreetly.

So how does it work? Bars, coffee shops, and restaurants, such as this one in Winnipeg, keep a sign in their bathrooms letting women know that if they’re in an uncomfortable or unsafe situation, to ask a staff member for “Angela”. This will alert employees to help her get out of the restaurant, either by calling a taxi or law enforcement if needed.

Many bars have joined the movement, which was launched in Britain in 2016, by having women order an “Angel Shot”, alerting the bartender to either escort her out or call a means of transportation for them to get home safely. The idea has even been adopted by Hooters, and has been backed by many local police departments in participating areas.

If you find yourself in an unsafe or scary situation, ask for help. Planning on meeting up with a guy this weekend? Let a friend know your plans and avoid drinking if possible. Stand up for the women in your life and in your communities — together, we can make the world a safer place for all of us.

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