Posted: January 20, 2016 Contributor: PRJKT RUBY

Possible Link Between Sugar Consumption and Breast Cancer

Let’s face it, even the most die-hard sweet tooth has to come to grip with realty at some point. Sugar is NOT good for your health. It’s probably one of those nagging thoughts we have in our heads as we open the fridge and sip our soda for a mid-day pick me up, however, new research shows sugar may be linked to an increase in breast cancer risk.

Now that’s something you can’t ignore any longer.

New research out of Texas exposed a link between a sugar commonly found in sodas, cereal bars, biscuits and even ketchup and an increase in tumor growth.

The research team fed one group of mice a diet that has sadly become the most common in the west, table sugar, fizzy drinks, juices, processed meats, ketchup, pasta, pizza sauces, snack foods and chocolate.

The other group of mice were fed diets lower in sugar and higher in starch and, perhaps unsurprisingly, their risk of cancer was much lower.

Other diets were also given to the mice and researchers found that at six months of age, half the mice who were fed the sugary diet had developed breast cancer. Another alarming fact is that the chance of cancer spreading was higher in the mice fed sugary diets than in the mice with lower sucrose diets.

While more testing is likely to be conducted, this clearly points out just one more reason to kick the sugar habit. Aside from this new discovery, take a look at other known health risks of a high-sucrose diet:

  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Immune system impairment
  • Heart disease
    Just to name a few!

    If you need a reason to start reducing sugar from your diet, make 2016 the year you keep your resolution! Your body will thank you.


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